Gula Icing 1KG


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Icing Sugar| Confectioners Sugar| Gula Icing

Product Features:
✔️Halal Products
✔️Weight: 1KG
✔️Common Uses: Frosting, icing, dusting, dense baked goods.
✔️Suitable for culinary & baking use
✔️Storage: Airtight container in a dry, cool place.
✔️Other Names: Powdered sugar, icing sugar, 10X sugar
✔️Confectioners' sugar is used to refer to any of a variety of refined sugars that have been finely ground into a powdery form.
✔️The texture makes it ideally suited for icing, frosting, candy, and fudge. It can also create melt-in-your-mouth cookies or be used as a decorative dusting over desserts, baked items, and fruit.

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