Solo Cup (M Polkadot)


Size: Green Polkadot 100PCS
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Polkadot Muffin Cup Baking Cup Solo Cup Polkadot Cupcake Cup Cawan Kek Cawan Cup Cake

Product Features:
✔️Paper Cup Cake | Kek Cawan Kertas
✔️Color: Blue | Red | Green | Pink
✔️Type: Polkadot
✔️Size: M
✔️Packaging: 50PCS | 100PCS
✔️Suitable for oven, microwave, steam cooking, freezing.
✔️Disposable cake baking mold, which eliminates the trouble of cleaning the mold, lovely and generous, very practical.
✔️To do a small cake, muffin, also do the chocolate at the bottom of the receptacle to use.
✔️Good to decorate your food, improve the appetite.

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