Aluminium Tray 3404-P, 3417-P


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Aluminium Container With Lid 3404-P 3417-P

Product Features:
✔️Aluminium Container with Lid
✔️Packaging: 1PCS
✔️Ideal for baking, pastry and cake.
✔️High quality food grade disposable aluminium baking tray/container with Plastic Cover.
✔️Made from durable material and beautiful design.
✔️Made of food-safe Tin foil, available for oven, microwave and stove.
✔️Environmental, high temperature resistant. Disposable, non-stick.
✔️Round shape of Aluminium Tray for bakery
✔️Good for cake and bread
✔️Can be bake with out of baking mold
✔️Tri-Oven Microwave, Stove and oven
✔️Easy for food transportation

Dimensions 3417-P:
✔️Top out :216mm
✔️Top In :202mm
✔️Height :40mm
✔️Base : 175mm
✔️Cap : 1100ml

Dimensions 3404-P:
✔️Top out: 90mm
✔️Top in: 80mm
✔️Height: 42mm
✔️Base: 62mm
✔️Cap : 165ml

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