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                      Fancy Sprinkles is your one stop shop for sprinkles, edible glitter, draggers & many more products! Check out our wide variety of collection available in different color and quality. Halal Certify. 

                      Sprinkles, edible deco

                      EDIBLE DECO & SPRINKLES (33)

                      HBI Chocolate Rice

                      RM2.90 MYR

                      Gold Pearl Sprinkles 80g

                      RM5.20 MYR

                      Mix Planet Sprinkle 80g

                      RM4.80 MYR

                      Edible Flakes 2g

                      RM8.80 MYR

                      Christmas Color Rice Sprinkles

                      RM25.00 MYR

                      Mini Ball Sprinkles 80g

                      RM4.50 MYR

                      Christmas Sprinkles 80g

                      RM4.80 MYR

                      Edible Food Pen Set

                      RM5.80 MYR

                      Twinkles Sprinkles 70g

                      RM6.00 MYR

                      White Beads Sprinkles 8mm 80g

                      RM5.50 MYR

                      Coated Rice Chocolated

                      RM2.99 MYR

                      Frozen Sprinkles 70g

                      RM4.90 MYR

                      Color Rice Coated 60g

                      RM2.99 MYR

                      Color Coated Rice 200g

                      RM5.80 MYR

                      My Flavor Shimmer Powder 5g

                      RM10.99 MYR

                      Purple Butterfly Sprinkles 70g

                      RM5.20 MYR

                      Pink Purple Sprinkles 1kg

                      RM58.00 MYR

                      Christmas Color Rice Sprinkles 60g

                      RM3.50 MYR

                      Mixed Blue Sprinkles 70g

                      RM5.30 MYR

                      Blue Sprinkles Frozen Sprinkles 1kg

                      RM58.00 MYR

                      Heart Sprinkles 80g

                      RM5.20 MYR

                      Love Sprinkles 100g

                      RM5.20 MYR

                      Eyes Sprinkles 80g

                      RM5.99 MYR

                      Mixed Love Sprinkles 70g

                      RM4.60 MYR

                      Big Ball Sprinkles 80g

                      RM5.50 MYR

                      Star Sprinkles 70g

                      RM4.99 MYR

                      Pearl Mixed Sprinkles 90g

                      RM5.50 MYR

                      Unicorn Sprinkles 80g

                      RM5.20 MYR

                      Pink Pearl Sprinkles 80g

                      RM4.90 MYR

                      Rainbow Sprinkles 50g

                      RM4.20 MYR

                      HBI Color Rice

                      RM3.30 MYR

                      Color Rice

                      RM3.30 MYR

                      Gold Pearl Sprinkles 90g

                      RM5.90 MYR
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