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Tepung Gandum 1kg Bakers Choice Superfine Wheat Flour 
Bakers Choice Superfine Wheat Flour is a great choice for everyday baking. This 1kg bag of Tepung Gandum yields up to 33% more than regular flour, so you can get more out of your baking. Try it today for a light and fluffy finish!

Product Features:
✔️Bakers' Choice Superfine Wheat Flour 1kg / Tepung Gandum Bakers Choice Ideal for baking cakes, muffin, pancakes, cupcakes
✔️Country of origin: Malaysia
✔️From golden grain to finest flour, Monde Selection Grand Gold Medal Winner, Multi purpose, Vitamin enriched, Unbleached.
✔️Halal Product
✔️Bakers' Choice Tepung Gandum is perfect for baking or cooking! A pantry essential, Bakers' Choice brings you wheat flour enriched with vitamins, great for everyday cooking from dinner to desserts!

Preparation and Usage:
✔️Flat raw noodle (Pan Mee)
✔️Assorted cookies, biscuits, tart, pie and variety cakes
✔️Pancake / Roti Jala
✔️Assorted oriental pastry
✔️Traditional fried food (Cucur Udang)
✔️Assorted steamed product (Fa Kui, Pau)

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