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Waffle Premix Flour 500g, 1kg
This Waffle Mix is made of high-quality ingredients and is easy to prepare, ensuring delicious tasting waffles in no time! Get 500g or 1kg of Waffle Premix Flour to satisfy your waffle cravings. Perfect for a tasty treat!

Product Features:
✔️Waffle Premix Flour | Tepung Segera Waffle
✔️Net Weight: 500G | 1KG
✔️Halal Product
✔Best Quality.
✔Fast & easy to make your favorite waffle
✔️Flour common expiry 3months as we repack from big industrial use packaging.

✔️Waffle Mix 1700G
✔️Eggs 510G
✔️Water/UHT Milk 1530
✔️Vegetables Oil 270G

✔️Preheat waffle machine as per machine instruction
✔️Assemble all ingredients in mixer with paddle attachment
✔️Mix 1 minute at slow speed and 1 minute at medium speed or until homogenized.
✔️Deposit desired batter weight (about 190G) into waffle maker and heat (190C) until cooked (approximately 5.5 minutes) Heating time varies depends on the type of machine use.

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