Full Cream Milk Professional 1L


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Dutch Lady Uht Full Cream Milk Professional

Product Features:
✔️Full Cream Milk
✔️Brand: Dutch Lady
✔️Halal Certificate
✔️Weight: 1L
✔️Storage: Once opened, keep in refrigerator and consumer within 3 days
✔️Ingredients: Full Cream Milk
✔️Preparation and Usage: Shake before use.
✔️Rich, creamy, and full-bodied, Dutch Lady® Full Cream Milk is packed with nutrients like Protein. It’s also added with more calcium and Vitamin A & D3 to cater to your nutritional needs.
✔️It’s the perfect breakfast choice for everyone to be strong and stay active throughout the day.
✔️So whether you’re drinking it as is, dipping in your favorite cookies, or pairing it with cereal in the morning, milk is the perfect drink for you and your family.

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