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Panola Cooking Oil Spray Non-stick Cooking Spray 400g

Product Features:
✔️Pan-Ola Canola Spray
✔️Weight: 400G
✔️Brand: Pan-Ola
✔️Halal Products
✔️Origin of Country: Malaysia
✔️Ingredients: Canola oil, butane propane, emulsifier (322 (soy -derived) and antioxidant (306(soy -derived)
✔️Store in Cool And Dry Place at 25-35'C
✔️Non stick cooking spray.
✔️Naturally low in saturated fat.
✔️Convenient and healthier way that makes cooking more enjoyable.
✔️Free from animal fats, salt, artificial flavours and colours.
✔️Made from a blend of canola oil and lecithin, is odourless and tasteless.
✔️ Keeps the original taste of the food.
✔️Can be used on all cookware to prevent food from sticking and to make washing up easier.
✔️Shake well. Hold can upright 6-12 inches away. Spray onto unheated Cook/bakeware.

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