Acuan Kuih Lompang


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Acuan Kuih Lompang Apam Nona Manis Kasui 
A Lompang Apam Nona Manis Kasui mold is a specific type of mold used to make traditional Malaysian kuih (snacks) called "Lompang" or "Apam Nona Manis Kasui." It is a popular snack made from a soft and fluffy batter that is steamed in the mold to create bite-sized cakes with a distinct pattern.

Product Features:
✔️Acuan Kuih Lompang | Nona Manis | Apam | Kasui
✔️Mini Red Cup
✔️Made in Malaysia
✔️Color: Red
✔️Plastik Grade Makanan.
✔️Packaging: 12PCS
✔️L Size: 5.2cm
✔️S Size: 4.8cm
✔️Safe To Steamed
✔️100% New And High Quality Product

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