Alu Tray Rectangle 4571-P


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Aluminum Tray Rectangle 4571-P
This Aluminum Tray Rectangle 4571-P is an aluminum tray made of durable materials, making it perfect for long-term use. Whether indoors or outdoors, it’s designed to serve you well anytime, anywhere.

Product Features:
✔️Aluminum Tray | Bekas Aluminum Foil
✔️Shape: Rectangular
✔️Packaging: 5PCS in a pack
✔️Brand: Crystal Wrap
✔️Aluminum Tray for ready to eat food
✔️Can keep your food in a right temperature
✔️Ready to cook and Ready to serve and Convenience for customer
✔️Aluminium Tray is 100% recycle
✔️Tri-Oven Microwave, Stove and oven
✔️Usage: Ideal for baking, airline catering, takeout distribution, picnic, cooked food, pastry, fast food, barbecue, cake, and other food industry packing and family party.
✔️High quality food grade disposable aluminium baking tray/container with Plastic Cover.
✔️Made from durable material and unique design.
✔️Made of food-safe Tin foil, available for microwave, stove & oven. Environmental, high temperature resistant.
✔️Disposable, non-stick.
✔️No clean up: Throw away once finished.

Overall Dimensions:
✔️The dimensions are taken as accurately as possible and are given as approximate guide.
✔️Top out :172mm x 92mm
✔️Top In :160mm x 80mm
✔️Height :56mm
✔️Base : 140mm x 60mm
✔️Cap : 500ml

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