American Dark Chocolate Mix 500g


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American Dark Chocolate Premix Cookies 500g
Indulge in delectable flavor with American Dark Chocolate Mix 500g! Enjoy the savory taste of dark chocolate in every bite of our freshly-baked premix cookies. Whether you want to have a snack or give a sweet treat, this delicious mix is sure to satisfy your cravings!

Product Features:
✔️American Dark Chocolate Cookies Premix
✔️Net Weight: 500G
✔️Halal Product
✔️Best Quality.
✔️Fast & easy to make your favorite cookies.

Method & Ingredients:
✔️Ingredients: American Dark Chocolate Cookies Premix 500G + Unsalted Butter 200G-300G
✔️Mix all ingredients using mixer attachment.
✔️Beater for +3 minutes low speed or until from a dough. Make into desire shape.
✔️Bake at temperature +170C or +180C (Upper) & +150C (Bottom) for +16-18 minutes in deck oven.
✔️Time & temperature depending on the size of cookies and types of oven.

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