Anchor Full Cream Milk 1L


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Anchor Full Cream Milk 1L UHT Milk
Rich and creamy Anchor Full Cream Milk 1L will delight your taste buds! Made with real cream from cows lovingly cared for, it's the perfect addition to any kitchen. Get the most out of your dairy with Anchor's full-bodied flavor. Delicious!
Product Features:
✔️Full Cream
✔️Brand: Anchor
✔️Weight: 1L
✔️Storage: Once opened, keep in refrigerator and consumer within 3 days
✔️Anchor™️ UHT Milk is our creamy classic from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. Each glass is rich in calcium and protein-essential nutrients for everyone in your family.
✔️Ingredients: Fresh Cow's Milk.

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