Beryl's Almond Coated 450g Milk Chocolate | Dark Chocolate


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Beryl's Almond Coated With Milk Chocolate 450g  | Dark Chocolate 
Indulge in the goodness of Beryl's Almond Coated with Milk or Dark Chocolate! Each 450g package is filled with crunchy almonds, perfect for parties or simply as a treat. Enjoy the delightful combination of roasted almonds and smooth, creamy chocolate.

Product Features:
✔️Almond Coated With Milk Chocolate | Almond Coated With Dark Chocolate
✔️Brand: beryl's
✔️Halal Products 
✔️Flavor: Milk Chocolate | Dark Chocolate
✔️Weight : 450g
✔️Bite into a crunchy whole roasted almond, coated in creamy rich milk chocolate. A fan favorite with our sweet-toothed customers!
✔️Very delicious Milk Chocolate with Almond inside.

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