Bird's Custard Powder 300G


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Bird's Custard Powder

Product Features:
✔️BIRD’s Custard Powder
✔️Net Weight: 300g
✔️Halal Product
✔️Ingredients: Corn starch, salt, permitted colors (tartrazine CI19140, sunset yellow CI15985, and erythrosine CI45430), and permitted flavor.
✔️The Bird's Custard can be consumed as a Hot and cold dessert.
✔️Suitable for all your baking & cooking needs that require custard.
✔️Tastes delicious with the addition of fruit salads, creamy toppings or nuts to experience delicious fruit custard.
✔️Serving suggestions: serves cold with: cakes, jellies, ice creams, fruit flans, and trifles
✔️Serves hot with steamed and baked puddings, fruit pies, and fruit.
✔️Smooth, creamy, and delicious custard is perfect for a light dessert.

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