Bread Paper Cup Case Baking (Random Design)


Size: LEAF 50PCS
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Bread Paper Cup Case Baking

Product Features:
✔️Bread Paper Cup
✔️Type: Round | Boat@Oval | Leaf Shape
✔️Packaging: Round: (50pcs @ 100pcs @ 200pcs) | Oval (50pcs) | Leaf (50pcs @ 100pcs)
✔️Size: Round: 14.5CM & 14CM
✔️Size: Oval: 14.5CM
✔️Size: Leaf Shape: 13CMX8CM
✔️Material: Food-Grade Paper
✔️Ovensafe—Suitable for baking in Oven
✔️High Temperature Resistance
✔️Membrane Shower Cup—Can prevent penetration and leaking
✔️Save to Use—Made from high quality Food-Grade Paper—Disposable and biodegradable for easy clean up after use
✔️With creative and beautiful pattern—Suitable to dress up breads
✔️Suitable for baking BREAD
✔️Perfect solution to beautify and shape your bread,such as a bridal shower,wedding,tea parties,baby showers and birthday celebrations


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