Callebaut 4D Flakes


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Callebaut Chocolate 4D Flakes 
Indulge your taste buds with Callebaut 4D Flakes. These delicious chocolate flakes provide a luxuriously smooth texture and superior flavor perfect for all your baking needs. Add a tasty treat to your recipes with Callebaut 4D Flakes!

Product Features:
✔️Brand: CALLEBAUT (Finest Belgian Chocolate)
✔️Net weight : 1KG | 500G | 250G
✔️Re-Packing for 500G & 250G
✔️Store in a cool and dry
✔️Irregular bits in 100% dark chocolate. If chocolate stardust would exist, then Callebaut's Chocolate Flakes Dark – Small would be the proof of it. Use them to top off your creations with shimmering, crunchy bits of chocolate that highlight the artisan nature of your creations and create subtle allure in the counter.
✔️These Chocolate Flakes are made of pure dark chocolate and craftily polished in a fully natural way – without the use of any shining agents. They have an irregular semi-rectangular shape and measure between 1.5 and 2.7 mm.
✔️Sprinkle them on top of your freshly dipped pralines, or decorate your pastries and desserts with these glowing bits of chocolate. When you're looking into creating a splashing, extra-festive touch, you can also mix or brush the flakes with gold, metal or coloured powder.

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