Callebaut Milk 823 2.5kg


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Callebaut Milk Callets 823 2.5kg Finest Belgian Chocolate
Discover the amazing taste of Callebaut Milk 823 2.5kg. This versatile product has a rich taste that will make your desserts and drinks truly stand out. Make your desserts and drinks more delicious than ever with this top-quality product. Unlock the full potential of your creations!

Product Features:
✔️Brand: CALLEBAUT (Finest Belgian Chocolate)
✔️Recipe N': 823
✔️Net weight : 2.5KG
✔️Halal Product
✔️ Cooking & Baking
✔️Description: Round and balanced taste with perfect marriage of cocoa, milk and caramel.
✔️Store in a cool and dry
✔️Whole bean roasting guarantees its full-bodied taste, solid cocoa body and fine, fruity notes.
✔️This master in balance pairs perfectly with a wide variety of ingredients and works in all applications ranging from confectionery to biscuits, sauces and drinks.

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