Caramel Cream | Caramel Sauce


Size: 250g
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Caramel Cream Krim Karamel Caramel Sauce Sos Karamel 250g, 500g 
Indulge with Caramel Cream. This sweet treat is packed with delicious caramel flavor that is sure to satisfy. Enjoy the creamy texture and rich flavor of this delicious dessert.

Product Features:
✔️Caramel Cream | Caramel Sauce
✔️Weight: 250G | 500G
✔️Halal Products
✔️Caramel sauce is made by mixing caramelized sugar and cream.
✔️Caramel sauce can be used in a variety of desserts especially as a topping for ice-cream and also on top of your cake.
✔️You also can combine together with whipped cream.
✔️This caramel whipped cream is perfect on pie and any other dessert recipe.
✔️Try it now and get our caramel cream topping.
✔️Sweet and very aromatic.
✔️Suitable for baking and cooking to enhance the appearance, texture, and flavour in dishes or desserts.

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