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Colatta Milk Chocolate Button Coins
Our Colatta Milk Coins will give you a rich, creamy indulgence with every sip. Made from the finest ingredients, this 1kg package of delightful milk coins offers the perfect pick-me-up. Enjoy!

Product Features:
✔️Colatta Brand
✔️Milk Coin
✔️Net Weight: 1kg
✔️Halal Product
✔️Suitable for baking, Ice Cream , dessert, Pralines shells, candies and truffles. Covering or coating petit fours. Decoration (eg. frosting or as decoration). Brownies and other cakes.
✔️Store in a cool and dry
✔️Specially formulated to imitate the characteristics of couverture but without tempering process on its preparation.
✔️Colatta Chocobitz Compound Buttons is made from specially mixed vegetable fat as a result of elaborate research.
✔️Chocobitz Buttons are in the form of button shape to enhance convenience in the production kitchen. Helps you skip the chopping process and faster to melt. Remains stable after reheated. Shiny finish look.

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