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Cone Shaped Cream Roll Horn Mold Pastry Mold by Azim Bakery
Bring art to life with the Cone Shaped - an easy to use and stylish craft tool. Easily create intricate and unique sculptures out of soft materials like clay and paper with this cone shaped device. Transform your models and decorations for a truly custom experience!

Product Features:
✔️Cone Shaped Mold
✔️Packaging: 1PCS
✔️Roll: 2.8*12.6 cm(1.1*5 inch)
✔️Material: 100% High Quality anti rust Stainless Steel with NO coating on both inside and outside, which is non-toxic and healthy.
✔️EAST TO MAINTAIN AND SPACE SAVING: Smooth surface prevents pastry sticking to it. Almost seamless cream horn molds do not catch dough and make it easy to remove baked goods. Wash with our cleaning brush free for you easily. Dry thoroughly before storage. Only need a small space if you stack the cream horn molds together one by one.
✔️FUNCTIONS: For baking cone-shaped pastry shells like cream horn, French horn, popsicle, small ice cream cone (can carry 1.5-in-dia ice cream balls), flaky pastry, pizza cones, waffle cone and shaping pizzella, etc. Oven Safe for baking and fryer safe for deep fry.
✔️Twine or wrap dough around these cannoli tube, bake in oven or fry in oil, and the hollow cannoli shells are ready to be filled with fillings. (Note: dry thoroughly after washing)

✔️Corrosion resistant
✔️No rust
✔️Easy to clean

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