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Cream Of Tartar 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g Krim Tartar Serbuk Tartar Tartar Cream 
Cream Of Tartar is an essential ingredient for making meringues, mousses, and many other desserts. It adds a tart, sweet flavor to any dish and helps to stabilize the texture. A must-have for any baking enthusiast!

Product Features:
✔️Cream Of Tartar | Krim Tartar
✔️Weight: 50G | 100G | 250G | 500G
✔️Halal Products
✔️Cream of Tartar has the chemical name Potassium Bitartrate. Its produced from its crude form (Beeswing) which is refined and purified to produce a white odorless powder.
✔️Cream of Tartar is actually a salt of Tartaric Acid and in baking is usually combined with sodium bicarbonate to make baking powder which is used as a leavener because it releases carbon dioxide gas when baked or cooked.
✔️To stabilize egg whites when making meringues or meringue toppings.
✔️Stabilizes the egg whites and allows them to maintain their texture when whipped into stiff peak
✔️Increases their tolerance to heat (Which is very helpful, say, when you put a meringue topped pie or a baked Alaska into a hot oven. This allows them to brown nicely, hold their shape, and do not melt away and expose the delicious interior of these desserts )
✔️Stabilizing whipped cream
✔️Preventing discoloration of vegetables that have been boiled
✔️Preventing sugar syrups from crystallizing
✔️An ingredient that will help activate baking soda (hence you may see it in some cake recipes) 

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