Cupcake Box Marble With Window & Handle


Size: 1 Cavity 1pc
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Cupcake Box With Transparent Window & Handle Marble Design

Product Features:
✔️Cupcake Box
✔️Design: Marble
✔️Packaging 3PCS
✔️Holes: 1 Hole, 2 Holes, 4 Holes & 6 Holes
✔️Characteristics: Transparent with window & with handle
✔️High quality
✔️Reasonable price
✔️Perfect to display your cupcakes! Includes insert to secure your cupcakes.

✔️SIZE: 1 CAVITY | 9.2*9.2*11CM
✔️SIZE: 2 CAVITY | 16.5*9.4*8.9CM
✔️SIZE: 4 CAVITY | 15.6*15.6*10CM
✔️SIZE: 6 CAVITY | 23.6*15*9CM


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