Daisy Margarine (Repack)


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Daisy Margarine Marjerin
Daisy Margarine (Repack) is a delicious choice for baking and cooking. This butter substitute is the perfect way to add flavor and texture to your favorite meals without the hassle. Enjoy creamy, flavorful goodness with Daisy Margarine (Repack)!

Product Features:
✔️Daisy Margarine | Marjerin
✔️Halal Products
✔️Weight: 500G | 1KG
✔️Brand: Daisy
✔️Daisy Margarine with Bake Plus, made from pure vegetable oils, is excellent for baking, giving a more buttery taste to the end product. Bake Plus helps to increase cake and creaming volume.
✔️Besides, Daisy Margarine is versatile for other different applications such as cooking, pan-frying, barbeque and roasting.
✔️Daisy Margarine is cholesterol free and enriched with 9 vitamins; hence, it is ideal to use as bread spread for healthy growing children and families.

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