Lecker Dark Chocolate Chips


Weight: 250g
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Dark Chocolate Chips 1kg, 500g, 250g

Product Features:
✔Dark Chocolate Chips | Coklat Chip Hitam
✔Weight: 1KG | 500G | 250G
✔Brand: Lecker
✔Halal Products
✔️Can be used in cookies, pancakes, waffles, cake, pudding, muffins, crepes, pies and various types of pastry. Chips also can be used for decorating the pastry and also can be used for topping.
✔️This dark chocolate chip is full of cocoa and sure to be a hit with any chocolate-lover.
✔️Taste super good for cookies
✔️Repacking from Halal Certified Product.
✔️Store in cool & dry Place 

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