Doughnut Cutter / Lava Doughnut Cutter


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Doughnut Cutter Pemotong Donat Donat Cutter Donat Mould Acuan Donat
A doughnut cutter is a kitchen tool used to cut dough into the classic doughnut shape. It typically consists of a circular metal ring with a sharp cutting edge and a handle. To make doughnuts, you would roll out the dough to a desired thickness and then press the cutter into the dough to create the circular shape with a hole in the center.

Product Features:
✔️Doughnut Cutter | Pemotong Donat
✔️Packaging: 1PCS
✔️SIN LIAN Diameter Size: 112-1 (6CM) | 112-B (6.8CM)
✔️LAVA Diameter Size: 75mm (L) | 60mm (M)
✔️Color: Light Yellow
✔️Please bear in mind that photos may be slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting or from the monitor’s display.
✔️Food grade plastic
✔️Easy to use and clean
✔️Cut out the dough at the center accurately
✔️Ideal to use at bakery and pastry

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