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Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk High Calcium Milk 1l Low Fat Hi Calcium Milk UHT Milk

Product Features:
✔️Low Fat Milk
✔️Brand: Dutch Lady
✔️Halal products
✔️Weight: 1L
✔️Storage: Once opened, keep in refrigerator and consumer within 3 days
✔️Tasty and light-bodied, Dutch Lady® Low Fat High Calcium Milk is packed with nutrients like Protein, Calcium and Vitamins for you and your family. With even more Calcium and lower fat content, it’s a healthy choice without compromising on taste. So whether you’re drinking it as is, dipping in your favorite cookies, or pairing it with cereal
✔️In the morning, milk is the perfect drink for you and your family.
Dutch Lady® Low Fat High Calcium Milk is available in 3 formats (UHT Milk, Sterilised Milk, and Pasteurised Milk) and different pack sizes to serve every household’s needs for any occasion.

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