Egg Separator Stainless Steel


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Egg Separator Stainless Steel
Easily separate yolks from whites with this Egg Separator, crafted from stainless steel. Its fine mesh sieve ensures maximum accuracy and speed, so you can make perfect yolk-free recipes in no time.

Product Features:
✔Egg Tools Yolk White Separator Egg Divider
✔Packaging: 1PC
✔Color: Silver
✔Hook design: The product has a hook design on the handle, which can be hung and stored, which is convenient and does not occupy space on the table.
✔Special materials: The bottom of the product is hollowed out, which can easily separate the egg white and yolk, and is compact and practical.
✔This product is an egg white separator, suitable for separating egg yolk and egg white in the kitchen. It is light and easy to use.

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