Emborg Cream Cheese 226g


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Emborg Cream Cheese 226g

Product Features:
✔️Emborg Cream Cheese
✔️Halal Product
✔️Weight: 226G
✔️Storage: Keep refrigerated
✔️Brand: Emborg
✔️Origin: Denmark
✔️Emborg Cream Cheese is made completely from natural ingredients with a premium quality to ensure a high level of calcium, a delicious taste and a creamy texture.
✔️Emborg US cream cheese is a fresh, natural cheese that can be used in sandwiches, baking and cooking.
✔️The original US cream cheese from Emborg has a firm and smooth texture, which makes it perfect for cheesecakes.
✔️Emborg US cream cheese is produced in US, with respect to the american cream cheese tradition and the original recipe and taste.

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