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Everwhip 1030
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Everwhip 1030

RM15.80 MYR

Everwhip Vegetable Cream 1030g

Product Features:
✔️Everwhip Vegetable Cream
✔️Halal Product
✔️Weight: 1030G
✔️Storage: Keep refrigerated.
✔️Brand: Everwhip
✔️Origin: Korea
✔️A vegetable cream that guarantees excellent whipping performance. Introducing the Ever Whip cream that proves the superiority of Korean bakery and confectionery. Made in Korea by SIB that stands for “Sun-in for Baking”, expressing the infinite passion for Baking.
✔️Ever Whip non-dairy whipping cream is the best selling non-dairy/vegetable whipping cream in South Korea.
✔️The consistent quality with high overrun, smooth mouthfeel and firm texture has made it one of the top non-dairy whipping creams in East Asia and South East Asia.
✔️Ever Whip can withstand a hot kitchen and outdoor environment, suitable for outdoor occasions like garden weddings and outdoor buffets.
✔️Ever Whip uses sorbitol instead of glucose/corn syrup. Sorbitol is a sugar substitute consumable by diabetic patients.

✔️Dairy Products not applicable for OUT OF MALAYSIA/KLANG VALLEY/SABAH/SARAWAK
✔️Booking is under your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage/spoiled/delay during shipment.
✔️Goods will be posted out within the same day (MONDAY - FRIDAY @ 2PM)
✔️Available for SELF PICK (By LALAMOVE/MR SPEEDY). Please contact us BEFORE ORDER for arrangements.

Shipping Remarks:
✔️Keep frozen once received. Best Consume within FEW days after opening.
✔️Goods sold are non-returnable/refundable.
✔️Delivery within Klang Valley/Selangor area only
✔️Out of this area is not recommended. Booking out of Klang Valley at your own risk
✔️Not available for Sabah/Sarawak/out of Malayisa
✔️Cooler ICE PACK is provided
✔️We are not responsible for any issues/problems/delay during shipment.

We will BUBBLE WRAP items with ICE PACK

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester