Extra Brute Cocoa Powder


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Extra Brute Cocoa Powder

Product Features:
✔️Cacao Barry Pure Cocoa Powder
✔️Imported Premium Quality
✔️100% cocoa
✔️Premium quality cocoa powder
✔️Weight: 1kg
✔️Weight: 500g, 250g, 100g (Repack)
✔️A bright and intense red colour, this cocoa powder is ideal for coating truffles or for an amber dusting. Luminous and intense red, very flavorful. For covering truffles or a copper-colored powdering.
✔️Ideal product for mousses, creams, biscuits, ice-creams, sorbets, confectionery coverings, decoration, hot chocolates.
✔️Barry Callebaut Extra Brute Cocoa Powder is a Belgian cocoa powder that is alkalized processed for a uniquely balanced color, taste and consistency.
✔️Cacao Barry Extra Brute Cocoa Powder with 22-24% fat is a deep, rich alkalized cocoa that mixes well with cold products and develops flavor while cooking.
✔️Ingredients: High fat cocoa powder processed with alkali.
✔️Storage Conditions: Dry and cool (68-72 F, 20-22 C); once opened, store in an airtight container.
✔️Applications: Mixes well with cold products. Confectionery enrobing and decoration. Hot beverages. Especially recommended for ice cream.
✔️Directions: Ready to use. Usually incorporated into other dry ingredients, then combined with wet ingredients.

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