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Nutella 3kg (Bubble Wrap)
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Nutella 3kg (Bubble Wrap)

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Ferrero Nutella Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa 3kg

Product Features:
✔️Net Weight: 3KG
✔️Halal Product
✔️Spread it on your toast, biscuits, pancakes, waffles or even use it in your milkshakes or desserts.
✔️Nutella has an authentic taste of hazelnuts and cocoa and its unique creaminess intensifies the flavour. It is so delicious that even a small amount is highly satisfying.
✔️Dimensions: 14.0 x 11.9 x 18.0 cm
✔️In an ordinary jar of Nutella, you can barely put your hand into it when you want to scrape out the last portion.
✔️In this Nutella 3 kg Bucket, you can fit both yours hands and half of your forearm, So what are you waiting for just grab it now as this value pack is hard to come by.With its smooth chocolate and nutty taste, Nutella Hazelnut Spread is not only great smothered on hot toast, but you can also use it in your baking to make incredibly moist chocolate cakes and cookies.
✔️Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Palm)*, Hazelnuts (13%), Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder (7.4%), Skim Milk Powder (6.6%), Whey Powder, Emulsifier (Lecithins) (Soy). Flavouring.
✔️Total Milk Solids: 8.8%.
✔️Total Cocoa Solids: 7.4%.
✔️Contains Hazelnuts, Milk, Soy.
✔️Sustainable and segregated certified palm oil

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester