Gelatine Sheet


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Gelatine Sheet

Product Features:
✔️Gelatine Sheet
✔️Halal Products
✔️Packing: 25G/5Sheet
✔️Brand: Oven & Chalice
✔️Clearer & odorless gelatine sheets make the flavor purer.
✔️Gelatine sheets are easier to use
✔️Suitable for all recipes
✔️Unflavoured gelatine sheets

Suitable for:
- Panna Cotta
- Marshmellow
- Mousse Cake
- Varieties of Jelly
- Jelly Cake
- Ice-cream (To avoid ice-cream become icing)
- Sorbet (To keep sorbet soften even frozen)
- Sauces (Stiffer texture)
- Soup (Mouth-feel texture)
- Gummy Bear Candy (For kids)
- Shanghai Dumplings/ Xiao Long Bao
- Homemade Yoghurt (For the stability of Yoghurt)
- Mirror Glaze for Mousse Cake.

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