Gelatine Sheet


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Gelatine Sheet
Gelantine Sheet is the perfect way to add an extra layer of texture to your creations. Easy to use and store, it's the perfect addition to any recipe. Great for adding an elegant garnish to your dishes!

 Product Features:
✔️Gelatine Sheet
✔️Halal Products
✔️Packing: 25G/5Sheet
✔️Brand: Oven & Chalice
✔️Clearer & odorless gelatine sheets make the flavor purer.
✔️Gelatine sheets are easier to use
✔️Suitable for all recipes
✔️Unflavoured gelatine sheets

Suitable for:
- Panna Cotta
- Marshmellow
- Mousse Cake
- Varieties of Jelly
- Jelly Cake
- Ice-cream (To avoid ice-cream become icing)
- Sorbet (To keep sorbet soften even frozen)
- Sauces (Stiffer texture)
- Soup (Mouth-feel texture)
- Gummy Bear Candy (For kids)
- Shanghai Dumplings/ Xiao Long Bao
- Homemade Yoghurt (For the stability of Yoghurt)
- Mirror Glaze for Mousse Cake.

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