GFB Green Tea Latte 1kg


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Gfb Mix-lah Ice Blended & Milkshake Green Tea Latte 1kg 

Product Features:
✔️Halal Product
✔️Malaysia Product
✔️Green tea latte Flavor
✔️Used for Beverage, Ice Blended Frappe, Milk Tea, Bakery, Confectionery Product.
✔️A slightly sweet and rejuvenating drink for you to find your calm within the noisy world, coming into a perfect zen with your job and loved ones.
✔️No sugar required, 1KG make 25cups.
✔️Ingredients and Allergen: Instant Latte Powder, Matcha powder, sugar, non-dairy creamer, milk powder. May contain traces soybeans and dairy products (including lactose).

Ice Blended / Milkshake Premix Powder is formulated for simple preparation and its time saving.
1. All you need to do is add water/ /hot water/ ice & powder.
2. Adjust the creaminess and taste by adding extra fresh milk or syrup.
3. For topping & more decoration,whipping cream/ cocoa powder/ chocolate rice/ cornflake/ nuts can be added to the Ice Blended beverages. Create your special & attractive Iceblend/ Milkshake to serve your customer now.

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