Golden Cake Premix 500g


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Golden Cake Premix Cake Flour
Save time and effort in the kitchen with Golden Cake Premix 500g. Our premix flour is easy to use and helps create delicious, golden cakes in no time. Perfect for baking enthusiasts and busy households alike!

Product Features:
✔️Halal - Malaysia
✔️Weight: 500G
✔️Flour common expiry 3months as we repack from big industrial use packaging.
✔️Type: Golden Cake Mix
✔️Can keep chiller (dry and cold) to prolong shelf life.
✔️Create cakes with fantastic flavour, extra moist texture, and excellent eye appeal.
✔️It brings versatility to the mix because with this one mix you can make cupcakes, layer, sheet, mini cakes, and much more.

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