Grease Proof Baking Paper Sheet


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Grease Proof Baking Paper Sheet
This Grease Proof Baking Paper Sheet makes cleanup easy and eliminates the need for greasing your pans before baking. Non-stick and heat-resistant, it provides a reliable and convenient way to bake with confidence. Perfect for all of your baking needs.

Products Features:
✔️40 X 60CM | 5PCS
✔️High quality, food grade and safe to use for daily cooking & baking
✔️Grease-proof, heat-resistant and non-stick paper that is used in baking and cooking.
✔️Perfectly use as a baking liner on trays and make washing easier
✔️Ensures that food does not stick on trays and easy to remove to wire rack. No oil is needed to coat on them.
✔️Besides baking, it can also be used for steaming, grating, rolling out and wrapping fish and other dishes as well.

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