Halagel Gelatin


Size: 1 Box (5 Sachets)
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Halagel Gelatin Tanpa Perisa Gelatin Unflavored
Enjoy homemade treats without sacrificing taste with Halagel Gelatin. This unflavored gelatin powder gives you the freedom to customize desserts with your own flavors. Halagel Gelatin is a perfect canvas for your culinary creations.

Product Features:
✔️Halal - Malaysia
✔️Halagel Bovine Gelatine Powder – Unflavored (21gm x 5 sachets | 1 sachet)
✔️100% Halal protein (collagen) derived from 100% halal bovine bones
✔️Contains high protein
✔️No coloring and preservatives
✔️Direction of use: Add gelatin to hot water and beat briskly using fork. The gel solution is ready to be used with other ingredients. Never add gelatin to boiling water
✔️Storage condition: Store gelatin in a cool, dry place. Keep in an airtight container after opening.

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