Lecker Matcha Spread 200g


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Lecker Matcha Spread
Enjoy the unique taste of premium Matcha with Lecker's Matcha Spread. This delicious spread adds a special twist to your favorite snacks, making them even more enjoyable. With its rich green hue, this spread will give your dishes a touch of elegance. Enjoy the health benefits of Matcha today.

Product Features:
✔️Halal Product
✔️Matcha Flavor
✔️Net weight : 200g
✔️Spread (Ready to consume)
✔️Origin of Country: Malaysia
✔️Can be used as bread spread, apply on cake, brownies , muffin as topping etc.
✔️Storage: Cool & Dry Place. Do not keep it in the fridge. If a layer of oil appears on the surface, please stir before use.
✔️Applications Fillings (baked goods, cookies, etc.)
✔️Coatings & Toppings (for cookies, biscuits, cakes, etc.)
✔️Spreads (breads, baked goods, etc.)

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