Muffin Chocolate Premix 500g


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Muffin Chocolate Premix 500g

Product Features:
✔️Muffin Chocolate Premix | Tepung Segera Coklat Vanilla
✔️Net Weight: 500G
✔️Halal Product
✔Best Quality.
✔Fast & easy to make your favourite muffin
✔️Flour common expiry 3months as we repack from big industrial use packaging.

✔️Muffin Chocolate Premix 500G
✔️Eggs 185G
✔️Water 140G
✔️Oil 185G

✔️Using paddle attachment, blend all ingredients at low speed.
✔️Scrape down the bowl and continue to mix for another 4 minutes at medium speed.
✔️Deposit the batter into a paper cup or muffin mould until ⅓ full. For standard muffin, batter weight is about 70G and batter weight for jumbo muffin is about 90g-100g
✔️Bake at 180C-190C for about 25-30 minutes. Baking conditions vary depending on batter scaling weight and oven characteristics.
✔️Remove from the oven and let it cool before serving.

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