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Myice Fondant White Doh Gula Putih

Product Features:
✔️Fondant | Doh Gula
✔️Color: White
✔️Weight: 1KG
✔️Halal Products
✔️Brand: MyIce
✔️White fondant can be colored with gel coloring
✔️Used to cover cakes, cupcakes topping, figurines and other dessert decorations.
✔️Myice White Fondant is true white colour, fairer than any other brands.

Use Fondant When:
✔️covering cakes
✔️cutting out small flat decorations for cupcakes and cakes
✔️making decorations that don’t need a lot of stability or detail

Way to store fondant:
✔️Keep it covered in container or wrap in plastic wrap.
✔️Keep Fondant away from direct light.
✔️Dont freeze fondant
✔️Dont contact with water

1.) Assemble the cake and pre-ice with butter cream, jam or glaze syrup
2.) Knead desired quantity of Snow Ice until elastic and roll out to the required thinkness using a light dusting of corn starch to prevent sticking
3.) Drape Myice over cake, adhere to top and sides
4.) Trim the excess Snow Ice and reseal in polybag container
5.) Myice can be colour / flavour
6.) Myice can be also be used to make figurines and decorations
7.) Store Myice at room temperature in air light conatiner for a period of 12 months

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