Nona Agar-Agar 90g


Style: Strawberry
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Nona Jelly 90g Assorted Flavor Agar Agar Jelly

Product Features:
✔️Halal - Malaysia
✔️Flavour: Blackcurrant | Lychee | Raspberry | Mango | Strawberry
✔️Weight: 90G
✔️Brand: Nona
✔️Pre-mixed crystal jelly powder suitable for parties as a sweet treat or dessert. Easy to make and freeze quickly with blackcurrant and other fruity flavors.
✔️Nona Crystal Jelly Powder has the desired original flavour and is easy to prepare. Its texture is as clear as crystal, with variant colour according to its flavour.
✔️Perfect for use as a snack or dessert.

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