Oreo Crumbs 454g


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Oreo Crumbs 454g Oreo Small Crushed Cookies Pieces

Product Features:
✔️OREO Small Crushed Cookie Pieces Oreo Crumbs
✔️Weight: 454g
✔️Brand: Oreo
✔️Halal Product
✔️Chocolate flavored cookies with vanilla cream filling.
✔️Suitable for various occasions and activities.
✔️Oreo small crushed cookie pieces perfect for baking or making any kind of desserts you could imagine.
✔️The crunchy and creamy texture of the Orea cookie offers a delectable experience
✔️Your favorite Oreo cookies, crushed into bits, perfect as condiment and baking ingredient. Your favorite delicious Oreo crunchy chocolate cookies crushed into small pieces, making them the best ingredient for desserts, milkshakes, and cakes. Get creative and explore new recipes with Oreo Small Crushed Cookie Pieces.

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