Oven Thermometer Stainless Steel


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Oven Thermometer Stainless Steel

Product Features:
✔️Oven Thermometer
✔️100℉ to 572 ℉
✔️Size: 6*7cm
✔️Stainless steel material, beautiful product
✔️High accuracy, accurate reading
✔️Strong durability and durability
✔️Beautiful design: Our oven thermometer uses a hook and panel design, so it can be hung or stand, and is easy to install in different places. The mechanical thermometer can be read instantly without battery power.
✔️Durable material: The oven thermometer is made of stainless steel, not easy to break, long life, durable, easy-to-clean construction and protective glass lens make it very suitable for use in the oven
✔️Convenient and practical: Our oven thermometer is very suitable for traditional ovens, toaster ovens, grills, smokers or other heat-based food equipment, and the surface of the thermometer has a large dial, transparent blue and red area indicators for you to read easily Oven temperature.

Set the oven to the temperature you need to test, place the thermometer in the middle of the oven (the best place on the grill). The temperature measured at this position is the overall temperature of the oven. The temperature measured by the thermometer in other places is incorrect. Then close the oven door and start the oven. The heating pipe slowly heated to red, until the heating pipe blackened, you can read the actual temperature. Generally, the temperature tested in the domestic oven will be on the high side. You can use the oven thermometer to adjust according to the actual situation of your oven!

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