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Piping Jelly Piping Gel
Create beautiful and intricate designs with ease with Piping Jelly Piping Gel! This 250g jar is the perfect size for both professional cake decorators and home bakers alike. Let your creative juices flow and make your next celebration a masterpiece.

Product Features:
✔️Piping Jelly
✔️Weight: 250G
✔️Halal Products
✔️Store in a cool, dry place.
✔️Use this product to create a stain glass effect on cakes, or use to fasten fondant to cupcakes or cookies.
✔️Piping jelly is an incredibly useful product for the cake decorator.
✔️It is made from sugar, water, a gelling agent and preservative; it is clear and has a sweet though neutral flavour.
✔️Piping jelly is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliac.
✔️At Confection Perfection we use it for all sorts of things!
✔️This piping gel can be used straight from the pot to pipe designs or to glaze cakes before icing. For an increase decorative effect you can colour the gel with food colouring; for true colours use on a cake iced with white icing as the colour of the icing will reflect through.

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