Solo Cup (M Polka dot) Paper Cup Cake


Size: Red Polkadot 50PCS
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Paper Cup Cake | Kek Cawan Kertas
Solo Cups (M Polka dot) is the perfect way to make your muffins look as good as they taste. Crafted with a unique polka dot design, these cups decorate for your next baking event and will elevate your muffins to the next level! Baking Cup Solo Cup Polka dot Cupcake Cup Cawan Kek Cawan Cup Cake

Product Features:
✔️Paper Cup Cake | Kek Cawan Kertas
✔️Color: Blue | Red | Green | Pink
✔️Type: Polka dot
✔️Size: Medium
✔️Packaging: 50PCS | 100PCS
✔️Suitable for oven, microwave, steam cooking, and freezing.
✔️Disposable cake baking mold, which eliminates the trouble of cleaning the mold, is lovely, generous, and practical.
✔️To do a small cake or muffin, also do the chocolate at the bottom of the receptacle to use.
✔️Good to decorate your food and improve your appetite.

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