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Rectangle Aluminum Tray 4363-p Aluminum Foil (5pcs)
This durable aluminum tray is the perfect tool for transporting your items quickly and safely. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for any job, providing effortless portability and reliable security

Product Features:
✔️Rectangle Aluminum| Bekas Aluminum Foil
✔️Type: 4363-P
✔️Shape: Rectangular
✔️Packaging: 5PCS in a pack
✔️Brand: Crystal Wrap
✔️Ready to cook and Ready to serve
✔️Can keep your food in a right temperature
✔️Ready to cook and Ready to serve and Convenience for customer
✔️Aluminum Tray is 100% recycle
✔️Tri-Oven Microwave, Stove and oven
✔️Usage: Ideal for baking, airline catering, takeout distribution, picnic, cooked food, pastry, fast food, barbecue, cake, and other food industry packing and family party.
✔️High quality food grade disposable aluminum baking tray/container with Plastic Cover.
✔️Made from durable material and unique design.
✔️Made of food-safe Tin foil, available for microwave, stove & oven. Environmental, high temperature resistant.
✔️Disposable, non-stick.
✔️No clean up: Throw away once finished.

Overall Dimensions:
✔️The dimensions are taken as accurately as possible and are given as approximate guide.
✔️Top out :160mm x 110mm
✔️Top In :150mm x 100mm
✔️Height :30mm
✔️Base : 140mm x 90mm
✔️Cap : 400m

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