SAF Instant Yeast (Gold) 500g


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Saf Instant Gold Instant Yeast 500g
SAF Instant Yeast (Gold) 500g is the perfect baking ingredient for all your baking needs. This premium quality yeast provides consistency and accuracy of your finished product every time. With 500g of instant yeast, it's perfect for large batches of baking. Make sure all your baking projects turn out perfect every time with SAF Instant Yeast (Gold) 500g.

Product Features:
✔️Instant Yeast
✔️Saf-instant Gold is an instant dried yeast that has been specially developed for use with high sugar dough (over 5% sugar by flour content).
✔️Recommended for Sweet dough & Perfect for classic Filipino favorites, such as Ensaymada, Pandesal, Siopao and Donuts.
✔️Brand: Lesaffre
✔️SAF Gold Label instant yeast is for sweet breads and other yeasted sweet baked goods. It is a high potency, fast acting yeast that can be added directly to your dry ingredients without it having to be activated in water first.
✔️SAF Instant Yeast is more than twice as active as regular compressed yeast.
✔️Whatever the type of bread or production method, Saf-instant offers superior fermenting power and great stability. As such, it guarantees optimum bread quality almost every time.

Directions For Use:
✔️Add directly to the flour or at the start of the kneading process. Saf-instant yeast disperses easily and uniformly into the dough and gives optimum fermentation.
✔️No rehydration is required before use.
✔️Saf-Instant yeast must be kept in dry place away from heat. Do not place it in direct contact with ice or iced water.
✔️Once opened, it must be used within 48 hours or refrigerate to be used within 8 days.

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