Santan Coconut Milk


Size: 200ML
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Santan Coconut S&P Santan Kotak

Product Features:
✔️Coconut Milk | Santan Kotak
✔️Halal Products
✔️Weight: 200ML | 1L
✔️Brand: S&P
✔️Storage Condition: Keep in a cool and dry place.
✔️Shake well before use.
✔️Refrigerate after opening and use within 3 days
✔️Do not freeze
✔️Ingredients: Coconut Extract, Water, Contains Stabilizers as Permitted Food Conditioner
✔️Free From: Gluten
✔️Cholesterol free food, Gluten free, No preservatives, Non GMO
✔️S&P Industries Sdn Bhd established the manufacturing and production of instant coconut milk products in Malaysia. Through innovation and continuous development, SPI guarantees product quality and excellence.
✔️The natural coconut milk taste and aroma of S&P Santan Coconut Milk has made it a favourite among customers.

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