Square Deep Cake Tin (Not LB)


Size: 10 Inch
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Square Deep Mold Loyang Aluminum Empat Segi Js2806 Js2807 Js2808 Js2809  Js2810
This Square Deep Cake tin is perfect for baking a delicious cake. Crafted from aluminum for excellent heat conduction, it features a square deep mold and four sides for even baking. Great for creating an impressive dessert for any occasion.

Product Features:
✔️Square Deep Cake Tin | Loyang Aluminum Empat Segi (NOT LOOSE BASE)
✔️Packaging: 1PCS
✔️Size: ( JS2806 = 6 Inch | JS2807 = 7 Inch | JS2808 = 8 Inch | JS2809 = 9 Inch | JS2810 = 10 Inch)
✔️Colour: As shown in picture
✔️Please bear in mind that photos may be slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting or from the monitor’s display.
✔️Ideal for baking cakes, brownies and bar cookies
✔️Aluminum material
✔️Heat quickly and evenly
✔️Durable and long lasting
✔️Made in Malaysia
✔️100% Brand new and high quality
✔️Deep and wide capacity

✔️JS2806 | Dimension: L 15.5cm W 15.5cm H 8.5cm
✔️JS2807 | Dimension: L 18.3cm W 18.3cm H 8.5cm
✔️JS2808 | Dimension: (L 20.5cm W 20.5cm H 8.5cm
✔️JS2809 | Dimension: L 23.3cm W 23.3cm H 8.5cm
✔️JS2810 | Dimension: L 25.8cm W 25.8cm H 8.5cm

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