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Tepung Florenta 500g
Florenta 500g is a delicious mix of flavors in one convenient package. Enjoy the rich blend of nuts, hazelnuts, raisins, and dried apples for a unique and satisfying snack. Perfect for sharing or having on-the-go.

Product Features:
✔️Tepung Florenta | Tepung Florentine
✔️Net Weight: 500G
✔️Halal Product
✔️Brand: Florenta
✔️Country: Germany
✔️Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, palm fat, dextrose, whole milk powder, emulsifier E322 (soya), May contain traces of eggs and eggs products, shell fruits and shell fruit products.
✔️A special dry blend for making consistent tuiles, Florentines, nut crackers, almond brittle & lace cookies
✔️Easy to use and save time.
✔️Powdered Florentine mix for the easy preparation of Florentines, "Bee stings", tuiles, nut crackers, almond brittle, lace cookies, etc.

Suggestion Preparation:
✔️1 pack 500gm Florenta Mix
✔️600gm Almond Slices/Flakes
✔️200gm Pumpkin Seeds
✔️100gm Sunflower Seeds
✔️100gm Melon Seeds
✔️100gm Black Sesame

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