Tepung Pulut Cap Kambing 500g


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Tepung Pulut Cap Kambing 500g
Make delicious nasi impit, or traditional Malaysian rice cakes, with Tepung Pulut Cap Kambing 500g. With its high-quality ingredients, this flour yields tender texture and a great flavor for all your favorite recipes.

Product Features:
✔️Halal - Malaysia
✔️Brand: Cap Kambing
✔️Weight: 500G
✔️Made with 100% Pure Glutinous Rice. Texture & Flavour: Soft, Neutral, Grainy. Cap 3 Kambing Tepung Pulut Istimewa is the finest glutinous rice flour with a good amount of fibre. Get Creative: Cook mango sticky rice. Use for baking dishes like mochi and nian gao.

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